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  • [Company News] Analysis of plastic pipe heat fusion butt welding machine professional knowledge
    As one of the innovations in the field of plastic pipe joining, heat fusion butt welding technology is gradually becoming the focus of the industrial field. welping, as your trusted plastic pipe heat fusion butt welding machine foreign trade company, we are deeply responsible for presenting you with
  • [Company News] Design innovations for butt welding machines
    Celebrating the 17years anniversary of our welding machine! On this special occasion, allow us to introduce our unique and outstanding four-stage clamping tile design, bringing convenience and stability to your installation and dismantling processes.Our welding machine adopts an advanced four-sta
  • [Company News] Welping Hdpe Butt Welding Machine Participates in Indonesia Exhibition
    We recently had the honour to participate in an exhibition in Indonesia, which was a fascinating journey. At the exhibition, we had an in-depth experience of Indonesia's diverse culture and enjoyed the unique local handicrafts and traditional performances.In terms of business opportunities, our butt
  • [Company News] This butt welding machine has attracted a lot of attention from all over the world.
    Recently,Welping Machinery Company's 800mm PE pipe welding machine has received enthusiastic feedback from users.
  • [Company News] What to consider when choosing an HDPE pipe welding machine?
    When it comes to choosing the right HDPE pipe welding machine for a job, there are a lot of factors to consider. While price is often a key factor, there are other important factors to consider as well. Choosing a welding machine that is durable, reliable, and efficient can be the difference between
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