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Important Features Of All HDPE Pipe Jointing Machine


HDPE Pipe Jointing Machine For Pipes From 40mm To 3000mm

Advantages Of Our HDPE Pipe Jointing Machine


We have been focusing in the field of plastic welding since 2005. We continue to promote technology, quality and service.

Quality Assurance

We have a complete quality control system including material, process and factory inspection. Make sure the products up to standard before delivery. Our products are under 18 months warranty and full life service.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to our self-managing production procedures, standard and light- OEM items can be finished in around 10-15 days.

Respond Time

We aim to bring good quality and service to our customers. Our after-sales service team work from 8:00 am to 18:00 pm on weekday. You can contact us through telephone or network.


25000 m workshop, Integrated critical production equipment, like laser cutting, die casting, metal fabrication, powder coating, CNC machining, 7 experienced engineers.

After-sale Service

Parts broken or damaged due to quality issue, we'll provide them free.Instruction manual and operation video are available, also including telephone and online support service.Provide lifetime maintenance after warranty.

The Customer Case That Our HDPE Pipe Jointing Machine Can Be Used

HDPE Pipe Jointing Machine FAQ

  • What about Welping lead time?

    Standard items and light-OEM items, WELPING can finish in around 10-15 days or shorter.
    Thanks to our full line processing machinery in self-management, which make the order arrangement in a quick and flexible way.
  • The differences between automatic and semi-automatic hydraulic butt welding machine?

    1.Automatic machine features:
    The automatic machine completes milling,heating, joining and other tasks by operation through the LCD screen. The operator only needs to confirm pipe sizes, material and SDR standard, other parameters are automatically set by the machine. The heating plate automatically jumps up after heating procedure, then the pipes will automatically join. Even inexperienced personnel can complete the welding operation according to the instructions on the LCD screen.
    2.Simi-automatic machine features:
    The operator needs to manually input the parameters of temperature, pressure, time etc according to operational manual. The heating plate needs to remove manual. Pipe jointing, pressure adjusting and holding need to set on hydraulic station manually.
    3.Generally speaking, the automatic machine can achieve a smooth, accurate, no-manual interference operation experience, and the welding quality is strictly guaranteed. The semi-automatic machines require experienced operators to participate in the full operation. 
    Product structure:
    1.The structure of the hydraulic stations is different. The automatic machine equips chip-controlled electrical and hydraulic systems while the semi-automatic equips traditional electrical and hydraulic systems.
    2.The automatic machine frame adopts heavy duty structure design with a heating plate auto-jumping device.
    3.The automatic machines are equipped with precision-machined clamps (reducers) as standard, while semi-automatic machines are equipped with die-casting clamps .
  • What is butt welding for HDPE pipes?

    Butt welding is a popular method of jointing the HDPE pipes. With proper operation, it can provide very reliable performance in any working condition. The product consists of pipe end trimming, heating up, melt jointing, which require reliable butt welding machine to get a good job done.
  • Why butt welding is the most reliable jointing method for HDPE pipes?

    In some applications, the HDPE pipeline is pressurized, which had high requirement of reliability. Butt welding joints provide very stable sealing performance, like a complete pipe.
  • What about Welping products warranty?

    18 Months from delivery we take responsibility for parts with quality problems and provide them for free requirement.
  • How to choose the suitable butt fusion welding machine for my piping job?

    First, to check the pipe size need to be welded, for example from 110mm to 315mm.
    Second, to check the actuation type, like hydrualic or manual. Manual butt welding machine only available up to 250mm
    If you are not sure which model is most suitable, please always contact our sales representative to help.
  • Can I get a model of butt welding machine with range of 63mm to 315mm?

    WELPING model WP315A or WP315B are of standard welding size from 110mm to 315mm, and can be extended to 90mm.
    Although the clamps (reducers) size 63mm and 75mm can be installed to WP315A or WP315B, but pipes below 90mm cannot be trimmed on the machine.
    We have 2 recommendations:
    1.If the welding job of size 63mm isn't frequent, we suggest to buy a standard hydraulic butt welding machine, model WP315A or WP315B (size: 110mm-315mm), and a manual butt welding machine, model WP160C or WP160D (size: 63mm-160mm). This combination can cover all the requirement and also cost-saving.
    2.If the welding sizes involves many 63mm pipes, we suggest to buy a standard hydraulic butt fusion welding machine model WP315A or WP315B, and model WP160A or WP160B. Hydraulic butt welding is always the professional choice for decent jobs.
  • What is the brand layout of WELPING?

    WELPING dedicated to design, manufacture and distribute the high level plastic related products, like butt fusion welding machine, electrofusion machine, PE pipe fittings etc.
    With our brands, we are better at offering differentiated machines and tools to suit various requirement from market and better serve our customers.
    "WELPING", covering all plastic related tools, for professionals.
    "YOVIDA", stands for new tech adopted, high level tools.
    "DOWELD", mainly focus on cost balancing items.
    "DERUIBAO", mainly focus on domestic market.

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07 February 2022
What is the function of hdpe jointing machine?

​The splicing of hdpe jointing machine and traditional thin wood board has its characteristics, but it also has its limitations. But generally speaking, more and more people will choose different hdpe jointing machines depending on specific conditions under different conditions. This is because the production cycle and cost of traditional thin wood splicing are much higher than that of thin-sheet splicing machines.

09 February 2022
What is the importance of the butt welding machine?

The butt welding machine uses the resistance heat energy between the sections of the butt welding machine to melt and fuse directly. The electric welding machine does not use the resistance between the contact surfaces of the butt welding machine to generate heat, but uses the high-temperature arc g

11 February 2022
What is the introduction of automatic HDPE pipe welding machine?

With the development of technology, HDPE pipe automatic welding machine is widely used in machine manufacturing, which makes machine production efficient operation and convenient for people's social production.What is the function of the automatic HDPE pipe welding machine?What are the applications

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