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Application of Butt Welding in Gas Pipeline

Butt fusion welding is a perfect choice for gas pipe connection, which can provide excellent sealing performance as well as pressure resistance. 
As well known, a gas pipeline, for safety purpose, must features: stable and reliable interface, material resistance, and resistant to impact, cracking, aging, corrosion and so on. Compared with traditional pipes, HDPE pipe systems has the above advantages and a long service life up to 50 years.

Application of Butt  Fusion Welding in Portable Water Pipeline

In water supply pipe connection, butt fusion welding machine is widely used. The PE water supply pipe is a replacement choice to traditional steel pipe and PVC drinking water pipe. 
The pipe has a smooth inner wall, low frictional resistance, good low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and health, good flexibility and other excellent features. Butt welding or electrofusion welding can provide reliable sealing joints in these applications.

Application of Butt Welding in Mining PIpeline

Pipes in mining area must withstand abrasion and impact. HDPE pipes are of good mechanical properties, making it a good choice in mining pipe mortar transportation. It's wear resistance exceeds many metal materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.) under strong corrosion and high wear conditions. 
The service life is 2-4 times that of steel pipes, service life up to 50 years under safe use, with significant economic benefits. HDPE pipe also suitable for places with underground water supply, air discharge, shotcreting and gas discharge where underground temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. Butt welding can provide steady and reliable sealing joints in these applications.

Application of Butt Welding in Municipal Sewage Pipeline

Due to the excellent corrosion resistance, HDPE pipes are widely used in sewage piping applications. PE is virtually inert so it does not need expensive cathodic protection. 
It offers better resistance to corrosive acids, bases and salts than most piping materials and also has good resistance to many organic substances such as solvents and fuels. The jointed pipes by butt welding can perform as good as a complete pipes.

Application of Butt Welding And Eletrofusion Welding in Civil Engineering

The high percentage of carbon black in the formulation of the pipe raw material enables HDPE pipe to resist degradation by ultraviolet rays. 
The pipe is impervious to rain and wind conditions. In these applications, butt welding and electrofusion welding are adopte to joint pipes.
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