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  • [FAQ] How To Operate The Hydraulic Heat Fusion Butt Welding Machine Safely
    Welping Machinery has always been committed to researching and developing operator-friendly hydraulic fusion butt welders to make the welding experience better for every operator, ensuring operator safety while welding pipes more efficiently and conveniently.On some of the previously released operat
  • [FAQ] Welping butt Welding Machine: Perfecting The Art of Precision Joining
    In the realm of modern manufacturing, precision welding processes play a pivotal role, particularly in the field of pipe manufacturing. Our company takes pride in presenting a welding process that seamlessly blends technology and artistry, with each step meticulously designed and executed to perfect
  • [FAQ] How to maintain the butt welding machine?
    Does the butt welding machine need regular maintenance?
  • [FAQ] On how to test the butt welding machine for proper circuit connections.
    Abnormal currents can lead to many different types of malfunctions. So how do you check that the circuit connections are correct?This video is about how to check for anomalies using a clip-on ammeter, which can be clamped around a wire for non-contact measurement, and is suitable for measuring the c
  • [FAQ] A professional butt welding machine with an accumulator
    Recommendation for the Installation of an Accumulator for Welding Machines Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing our welding machine products. In order to enhance welding efficiency and system performance, we highly recommend considering the installation of an accumulator when purchasing a welding m
  • [FAQ] Why 3 phases motors been equipped to butt welding machines with size above 355mm
    At the same power level, comparing to single phase motors, 3 phases motors provide more driving force, which is more obvious on the pipe planing tool (also called facer or trimmer). During planing (facing or trimming) operation, certain pressure is applied to the planing tool plate, through 2 pipe e
  • [FAQ] What about Welping lead time?
    lead time of WELPING machinery, in production of HDPE butt welding equipment
  • [FAQ] What wearing parts do extrusion welding EX2 and EX3 have?
    There are two common types of wearing parts: heating element and carbon brushes. The main engine motor has a carbon brush, the hot air gun has another carbon brush. The service life of the heating element, under ideal conditions, is about 2000 hours. Under severe conditions, such as dust, the servic
  • [FAQ] What is the brand layout of WELPING?
    WELPING dedicated to design, manufacture and distribute the high level plastic related products, like butt fusion welding machine, electrofusion machine, PE pipe fittings etc.With our brands, we are better at offering differentiated machines and tools to suit various requirement from market and bett
  • [FAQ] Can I get a model of butt welding machine with range of 63mm to 315mm?
    WELPING model WP315A or WP315B are of standard welding size from 110mm to 315mm, and can be extended to 90mm.Although the clamps (reducers) size 63mm and 75mm can be installed to WP315A or WP315B, but pipes below 90mm cannot be trimmed on the machine. We have 2 recommendations:1. If the welding job
  • [FAQ] Why our price very stable and competitive?
    We integrated critical production procedures into self-management, like metal laser cutting, die casting, metal fabrication, powder coating and CNC machining. This helps not only of stable quality and production time, but also of reasonable cost.
  • [FAQ] How to choose the suitable butt fusion welding machine for my piping job?
    First, to check the pipe size need to be welded, for example from 110mm to 315mm.Second, to check the actuation type, like hydrualic or manual. Manual butt welding machine only available up to 250mmIf you are not sure which model is most suitable, please always contact our sales representative to he
  • [FAQ] What about Welping products warranty?
    18 Months from delivery we take responsibility for parts with quality problems and provide them for free requirement.
  • [FAQ] Why butt welding is the most reliable jointing method for HDPE pipes?
    In some applications, the HDPE pipeline is pressurized, which had high requirement of reliability. Butt welding joints provide very stable sealing performance, like a complete pipe.
  • [FAQ] What is butt welding for HDPE pipes?
    Butt welding is a popular method of jointing the HDPE pipes. With proper operation, it can provide very reliable performance in any working condition. The product consists of pipe end trimming, heating up, melt jointing, which require reliable butt welding machine to get a good job done.
  • [FAQ] The differences between automatic and semi-automatic hydraulic butt welding machine?
    Operation:The automatic machine completes milling,heating, joining and other tasks by operation throughthe LCD screen. The operator only needs to confirm pipe sizes, material and SDR standard, other parameters are automatically set by the machine. The heating plate automatically jumps up after heati
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