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Butt fusion welding refers to the process of hot plate welding for thermoplastic pipes. It's widely used in the applications of industrial, civil engineering, natural gas, construction etc. Butt welding for HDPE pipe is very reliable even in pressurized conditions. The right hydraulic butt fusion welding machines can help you do the job more effectively and safely while minimizing any room of error.
WELPING had been dedicated in the thermoplastic welding equipment developing, manufacturing and selling since 2005. We aim to bring industrial level design, performance and quality together, to help you build reputation. You can find below item from welping: Hydraulic butt fusion welding machine 40-3000mm, manual butt fusion welding machine up to 250mm, automatic butt fusion welding machine200-315mm, Visit or consult with our sales and global distributors.
    A hydraulic butt fusion machine is best used for specific welding materials, such as PE, HDPE, PP and PVDF. However, machines will differ according to the welding range, reducing inserts, and capacity of their heating plate, so you may want to consider your unique project requirements and the common types of materials you typically use. That way, you can be sure that the machine is right for your application.And what welding standard you choose is also very important to your working efficiency.
    Considering the type, size, and volume of pipes need to join can help you to choose right model of hydraulic butt fusion welding machine.
    Standard hydraulic butt fusion welding machine comes with a full set of parts like carriage, heating plate & trimmer, hydraulic station. WELPING hydraulic system equips qualified oil seal kit (from Germany)on the shaft, and heating plate with Teflon coating (from Janpan). There are separate temperature control system, hydraulic hoses, an accumulator, and electrical planing tool. Standard equips safety protection device which could protect the operator from being injured by the machines.
    Buy a hydraulic butt fusion machine only from a reputable manufacturer that can provide reliable after-sales support and good warranties for their products.
We aim to bring industrial level design, performance and quality together, to help you build reputation. 




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