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A professional butt welding machine with an accumulator

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A professional butt welding machine with an accumulator

Recommendation for the Installation of an Accumulator for Welding Machines

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing our welding machine products. In order to enhance welding efficiency and system performance, we highly recommend considering the installation of an accumulator when purchasing a welding machine. An accumulator is an essential energy storage device in hydraulic and pneumatic systems that offers various benefits.

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Composition and Principle of the Accumulator:

The accumulator consists of a capsule, housing, bacteria valve, and base. It is divided into two chambers: gas and liquid. The gas chamber is filled with nitrogen, while the chamber formed by the capsule and housing is filled with hydraulic oil. As hydraulic oil enters the accumulator housing, the volume of gas in the capsule decreases with increasing pressure, thereby storing hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic system requires additional hydraulic oil, the accumulator, driven by the expansion pressure of the gas, discharges the hydraulic oil to supplement the insufficient flow, maintaining pressure stability and compensating for leaks. The accumulator plays a vital role as an energy storage device in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


Functions of the Accumulator:

The accumulator serves two main purposes:

Storage of Energy: The accumulator can serve as a constant-pressure oil source, providing a large amount of oil supply in the short term. It can also maintain pressure, compensate for thermal expansion, act as an auxiliary power source to reduce installed capacity, serve as an emergency power source, and compensate for leaks.

Absorption of Hydraulic Impact Pulsation Pressure: The accumulator absorbs hydraulic shocks and pulsations within the system, effectively reducing vibrations and pressure fluctuations, thereby improving system stability and reliability.

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Installation Position of the Accumulator:

To fully utilize the functions of the accumulator, it is recommended to install it as close as possible to the vibration source. This allows it to buffer and absorb pulsations effectively. Additionally, the accumulator should be installed in a vertical position to ensure proper operation and usage.

Inspection and Maintenance:

Once the accumulator is put into use, regular checks of the gas pressure are recommended. In case of leakage, it is important to promptly replenish the gas. If significant leakage occurs, the cause should be identified and repaired in a timely manner.

When the accumulator is not in use for an extended period, it is advised to close the valve of the inlet pipe to maintain hydraulic pressure above the gas pressure.

Nitrogen Charging for the Accumulator:

Before using the accumulator, it should be charged with nitrogen. During operation, if nitrogen leakage is detected, it should be promptly replenished.

The nitrogen charging process should be performed slowly, and only when the capsule expands and the inlet valve is closed, can the charging speed be appropriately increased.



As a crucial component in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, the accumulator provides various functionalities, including energy storage, shock absorption, noise reduction, and energy recovery. By installing an accumulator, you can further enhance the welding efficiency and system performance of your welding machine. We strongly recommend considering the installation of an accumulator when purchasing our welding machines, ensuring a more efficient and reliable welding experience.

If you have any further questions or need more detailed information regarding the accumulator, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to providing support and assistance.

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