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butt fusion machine

A list of these butt fusion machine articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional butt fusion machine, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • [Customer Case] 1600mm large-scale pipeline butt welding construction

    Recently Welping received a feedback from the construction site of a large pipeline laying project: In the project, a 1.6m diameter pipes need to be laid. The pipe adopts the traditional structure of hot melt butt equipment. It has those problems:

  • [Industry News] What are the steps of using butt fusion machine?

    Welding machines have a wide range of applications. The reliable and successful operation of space, defense, medical electronics, traffic control systems, communication systems, and supervision and control systems all rely on excellent butt fusion machine.

  • [Industry News] How to use butt fusion machine?

    ​Full automatic butt fusion machine is a machine that uses ultrasonic energy to weld (or secondary connection) plastic electronics, toys, stationery and daily medical articles. It melts the contact surface of two raw materials through local high temperature, and then fuses and solidifies together under certain pressure. Automatic butt fusion machine is widely used because of its high working efficiency, good quality, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • [Industry News] How much do you know about the butt fusion machine?

    The butt fusion machine can weld the front and back of the battery automatically and continuously to a battery strand according to the set requirements. The welding strip is automatically fed and cut during welding and the battery strand is automatically collected after welding is finished. Welding processes include infrared lamp welding and high-frequency electromagnetic induction welding.