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We provide special butt welding machine solutions for our customers in Fiji.

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We provide special butt welding machine solutions for our customers in Fiji.

Our flange chucks have successfully solved the heat fusion butt welding construction challenges faced by customers from Fiji, especially for a batch of short pipe joints. The unique design provided precise support and a reliable connection, making the entire butt welding process smoother and more efficient. We are proud to have been able to provide our customer with a practical solution and to be part of their project success.

A flange clamp is a device used for pipe butt welding, and its main purpose is to provide support and connection at the pipe joints. Here are the primary functions of a flange clamp.


Support and Alignment: Flange clamps are typically used to support and align pipes during the welding process. They ensure that the pipes maintain the correct position for precise welding.

Assistance in Connection: Flange clamps aid in connecting two pipe sections or a pipe with other fittings during the welding process. They provide a fixed support point, making the connection more secure.

Simplification of Welding Process: The use of flange clamps can simplify the welding process, enhancing work efficiency. They facilitate easier access to the welding area, allowing welders to complete the welding tasks more easily.


Adaptation to Different Pipe Sizes: Flange clamps are designed to be adjustable to accommodate various diameters and sizes of pipes. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of engineering projects, regardless of pipe specifications.

Cost Reduction: By providing good support and connection, flange clamps help reduce errors and rework during the welding process, ultimately lowering project costs.


In summary, flange clamps play a crucial role in pipe butt welding, offering essential support to ensure the accuracy, stability, and efficiency of connections.

We aim to bring industrial level design, performance and quality together, to help you build reputation. 




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