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This butt welding machine can improve construction efficiency

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This butt welding machine can improve construction efficiency


 Product Description

The Apro Series butt welding machine, with its advanced welding principles and wide range of applications, has become the ideal choice for plastic pipe welding. Its efficient and stable welding performance not only increases production efficiency but also ensures welding quality, providing a solid foundation for the development of various industries. Whether in construction, manufacturing, or heavy industry, the Apro Series butt welding machine can offer you excellent welding solutions.


 Product Show Details


Butt welding machine frame


Complete set of butt welding machine


Butt welding machine hydraulic station

Comment & FAQ

1. What types of plastic pipes is the Apro butt welding machine suitable for?

A: Apro butt welding machine is suitable for many types of plastic pipes, including common materials such as PE, PP, and PVDF.

2. How difficult is it to operate this butt welding machine?

A: The Apro butt welding machine has a user-friendly design and a simple and intuitive operation interface.

3. How does the Apro butt welding machine ensure the welding quality during the welding process?

A: Apro butt welding machine is equipped with a sophisticated temperature control system and pressure control system, which can monitor and adjust welding parameters in real time to ensure stable and consistent welding quality.

4. What is the maintenance frequency and maintenance cost of this equipment?

A: Apro butt welding machines are designed to be durable and easy to maintain. Maintenance costs are relatively low due to the use of high-quality materials and components.

5.What is the welding speed of the Apro butt welder?

A: Apro butt welding machine has efficient welding performance and fast welding speed, which can significantly improve production efficiency.

Production Process


CNC machining center


laser cutting


Sheet metal welding




Testing Quality

As a leading company in welding machine manufacturing, we are proud to introduce to you the newly upgraded Apro series WP250Apro butt welding machine. In this upgrade, we combined customer feedback and market demand, striving to achieve comprehensive improvements in technology and practicality, so as to bring customers a more efficient and stable welding experience. The following are nine major upgrade highlights of the WP250Apro butt welding machine:


1. Electronic instrument cover: waterproof and dustproof design

The WP250Apro hydraulic station has a new electronic instrument cover, which has excellent waterproof and dustproof functions. This design not only improves the protective performance of the equipment, but also extends its service life and ensures stable operation in various working environments.

2. Siemens contactors: improving reliability and durability

The hydraulic station is upgraded with Siemens contactors, which greatly improves the reliability and durability of the equipment. This improvement effectively reduces the failure rate, improves production efficiency, and makes welding quality more stable.

3. Accumulator option: stable pressure output, energy saving and high efficiency

WP250Apro butt welding machine supports optional accumulator, which provides more stable pressure output, reduces energy consumption and improves welding effect. In addition, in the event of a power outage, the accumulator provides emergency power to ensure the continuity and safety of the production process.

4. Supported round steel pipe: more stable structure

A new supporting round steel tube design is added to the back of the rack, which greatly improves structural stability. It effectively reduces the vibration of the machine body during the cutting process, ensuring working accuracy and equipment durability.

5. Hollow lettering and logo: a combination of beauty and professionalism

The side of the fuselage features hollow lettering and company logo patterns. This not only improves the aesthetics of the equipment, but also reflects the uniqueness and professionalism of our Vipin machines, bringing both visual and functional enjoyment to customers.

6. Bottom baffle design: dustproof and debris-proof

The newly added baffle design at the bottom of the fuselage effectively prevents mud and debris from being involved in the butt welding joint during the milling process. This improvement greatly improves the cleanliness and operational stability of the equipment, reduces maintenance frequency, and extends service life.

7. Anti-wear gasket: enhance durability

An anti-wear gasket is added to the ring screw locking area on the frame, and is made of sturdy and durable stainless steel to effectively prevent wear and further improve the durability and stability of the equipment.

8. Take-off plate design: reduce labor consumption

The Apro series of models 315 and above has a new take-off plate design, which can assist in taking off the heating plate after the work is completed, significantly reducing manpower consumption and improving operation convenience and work efficiency.

9. Heightened basket sealing plate: Reduce heat loss

The heightening design of the basket sealing plate can effectively reduce the heat loss of the heating plate and shorten the preheating time when working in a low temperature environment. At the same time, safety is enhanced to prevent accidents.


The new upgrade of WP250Apro butt welding machine fully reflects our deep understanding of user needs and continuous pursuit of technological innovation. These improvements not only improve the performance and reliability of the device, but also provide users with a more efficient and safer experience. We believe that the WP250Apro butt welding machine will become a valuable asset in your production process.

We aim to bring industrial level design, performance and quality together, to help you build reputation. 




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