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DWC pipe jointing tool

Convenient tool for double wall corrugated pipe jointing. Labor saving and easy for transportation.
Ratchet structure for easy operation. Max size up to 800mm.
  • WPB400A
  • 711400

Product Description

HDPE double wall corrugated pipes are heavy to move around. With the pulling jack, the DWC pipes can be easily jointed by moving forward and backward by one operator. It's a convenient and reliable tool in double wall corrugated pipe jointing projects.

Product Characteristics

  1. Double ratchet structure, easy operation and labor saving

  2. Single size or multiple size models are available 

  3. Only one operator is needed in pipe jointing

  4. Light-weight, easy for transportation and stock

Data Sheet

ModelRef No.Product descriptionapplicable pipe size (mm)
Mutiple size model
DWC pipe jointing tool200-300-400
WPB600A711600DWC pipe jointing tool200-300-400-500-600
Single size model
WPB200710200DWC pipe jointing tool200
WPB225710225DWC pipe jointing tool225
WPB300710300DWC pipe jointing tool300
WPB400710400DWC pipe jointing tool400
WPB500710500DWC pipe jointing tool500
WPB600710600DWC pipe jointing tool600
710800DWC pipe jointing tool800