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How to use polyethylene butt welder?

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How to use polyethylene butt welder?

The polyethylene butt welder uses two ways to connect PE pipes. Hot melt connection and electrofusion connection. At present, the main pipeline is mainly connected by hot melt. The principle of hot-melt connection is to close the mating surfaces of two PE pipes to a heating tool to heat their flat end surfaces until they melt. After removing the heating tool, put the two molten end surfaces close together and keep them under pressure. Cool down to the joint to make it a whole.

What are the preparations for using polyethylene butt welder?

What are the steps to use polyethylene butt welder?

What is the experience of using polyethylene butt welder?

What are the preparations for using polyethylene butt welder?

1. Install slips with the same polyethylene butt welder and pipe specifications into the rack;

2. Prepare enough supports to ensure that the pipe to be welded can be at the same height as the center line of the polyethylene butt welder frameand can be easily moved;

3. Set the heating plate temperature to 200~230℃ (this data is based on the welding machine supplied by Hangzhou Welding Electromechanical Co., Ltd., and the specific temperature is subject to the data provided by the manufacturer);

4. Turn on the power of the polyethylene butt welder, turn on the switches of the heating plate, milling cutter and oil pump, and test run.

What are the steps to use polyethylene butt welder?

The use of polyethylene butt welder mainly includes seven steps including fixing, centering, heating, and welding.

The first step: preparation

Prepare the PE tube for polyethylene butt welder, including hydraulic station, milling cutter, heating plate and other related power supplies, and place the docking frame steadily;

Step 2: Place

The polyethylene butt welder places the two pe pipes to be welded in the docking frame, and connects them to the middle of the four clamps of the docking frame.

Step 3: Fix

Close the upper and lower brackets of the polyethylene butt welder docking frame, and fix the pe tube with bolts.

Step 4: Milling

Take the milling cutter out of the basket and place it in the middle of the two pe pipes, push the operating lever of the hydraulic station, and contact the two pe pipes with the milling cutter until the two connecting planes are milled, and a continuous long strip of debris is milled out.

Step 5: Centering

Because the polyethylene butt welder may offset the fixed pipe during the milling process, it is necessary to re-align and adjust the amount of misalignment. Of course, be careful not to contaminate the port, otherwise milling must be performed again.

Step 6: Heating

Put the milling cutter back into the carrying basket, take the heating plate out of the carrying basket and put it in the middle of the two PE pipes for heating. After the two pipes begin to flanging and meet the requirements, put it back on the heating plate.

Step 7: Welding

After removing the hot plate, immediately press the pressure required by the polyethylene butt welder to quickly close the PE port to be welded.

What is the experience of using polyethylene butt welder?

The practice of polyethylene butt welder welding inspection has proved that the most vulnerable part of polyethylene gas pipeline to damage and leak is the pipeline interface. The key to the success and failure of the project is the quality of the pipeline connection. Therefore, strict interface quality acceptance is very important for underground gas pipeline engineering. The polyethylene pipe joints need to be destructively tested to check the internal quality.

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