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1600mm large-scale pipeline butt welding construction

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1600mm large-scale pipeline butt welding construction

Recently Welping received feedback from the construction site of a large pipeline laying project: In the project, 1600mm diameter pipes need to be connected. Traditional butt welding machine is not efficient in opearion, as:

1.  The work efficiency is low in the machine handling,pipe mounting and clamping.

2.  The traditional machine adopts the separate structure of the hydraulic station and mainframe (carriage),all kinds of wires and oil hoses are complicated to drag and pull. It affects the construction efficiency and also has certain safety risks.

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To solve the these construction problem, Welping's engineers went to the construction site for inspection. Then we arranged technical personnel to discuss the design scheme of the new butt welding machine, worked overtime to make drawings and prototype for verification.

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The customer's engineering projects are under a tight schedule and heavy tasks. To deliver the new fusion machine to client as soon as possible,our design, management and production team worked day and night. And finally delivered the first batch of butt welding machines in 30 days. This usually takes 45 or even 60 days to complete.

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With help of the new designed machines, the pipeline connecting efficiency has increased by 50%, greatly improving the customer's project schedule. Compared with the traditional structure, the 1600AH butt welder newly designed by Welping has two obvious features:

1.   Integrated electrical,hydraulic control unit,simplify the installation of the machine,reduces dragging wires and hoses, improve work efficiency and safety.

2.   Hydraulic drive clamping device greatly improves the efficiency of pipe fitting clamping and disassembly. It not only saves manpower but also improves the precision of the pipe clamping.